It is with a heavy heart I will post this; I received a phone call moments ago a breeder, friend, horse owner never wants to receive; we lost another Great one this morning, MGW Bit O Crème 2001 son of Master Gallant Wiz and Bit O Honey was found in his stall this morning, gone with unknown cause. We will miss him, his antics, Heather and Tyler growling "Crème" and watching him and his family show whether it be OQPA/Open or 4-H.Rest in Peace Crème, we will miss you.

MGW Bit O Crème was Master Gallant Wiz's 1st NQPA Champion which he achieved in 2008, this past show season he was well on his way to being his 1st Supreme Champion, Lifetime points for him are as follows: Halter 108.5 HUS 3.5 Western Pleasure for life 38.5 Trail 50 In hand trail 23.5 Reining 13.5 Western Riding 3 Flags 1 and 1/2 in Pylon Alley and Barrels and Cones, yes he proved over and over again how Versatile Quarter Pony's are.


National Quarter Pony Association

The National Quarter Pony Association was organized in 1975 to record and preserve the pedigrees of Quarter Ponies. The association provides information for its members and the general public on the matters pertaining to shows, contests, and projects designed to improve the breed.

What is a Quarter Pony?

The short answer....  They are short Quarter Horses.

Horses that measure 58 inches and under but not less than 46 inches and exhibit stock type horse characteristics may be eligible for registration as a Quarter Pony. AQHA registration is not a requirement but does guaranty eligibility for registration as a Quarter Pony if meeting the height requirements and the registration is not marked as having " undesirable trait and uncharacteristic of the breed".

Quarter Ponies exhibit all the same great characteristics that make the Quarter Horse such versatile breed, just in a shorter package. They are great minded, have a willing disposition, well balanced conformation, and agile speed. This often makes them a great match for children or the beginner but they are definitely also well suited for adults and experienced riders alike.

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